Aloha, Mia!

6. Jan 2023

I’m Mia, and I just joined the Atria team as an Account Manager.

The last four years I’ve been dedicated to my own digital marketing/web design business, and before that, I was working as a key account / customer success / customer service manager at different software development companies. Making customers happy is my jam!

I’m 3/4 „Bärnermeitschi“ born and raised in our beautiful capital, with 1/4 Hamburger blood, but I lived in many different places over the years, from Siena, to Berlin, to London. 

In my free time I love to walk for hours… whatever this is in the woods near my flat in Kloten, over the golf course, or when exploring new places (I love to travel, and my favorite destination is Hawaii). When I’m not walking around, you’ll probably find me cruising with our 62′ Chrysler Newport.

I’m super excited to now be a part of VSHN & looking forward to my first customer meetings.

Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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