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Behind the Scenes at APPUiO Cloud

3. Mai 2022

Since our original announcement of APPUiO Cloud last September we’ve been very busy collecting feedback from our customers, and working on improving the product with many new features and capabilities. And we are very pleased to see our platform grow more and more every day!

This article contains a summary of everything that has happened in the first six months of APPUiO Cloud, with some hints about what’s coming next.


We have placed a strong focus in securing APPUiO Cloud to the maximum, yet offering flexibility and manageability to our customers.

All security policies are managed through the Kyverno policy engine, a CNCF Sandbox project. On the other hand, the management of organizations and teams is based on Keycloak Groups, with additional syncing to OpenShift provided by an ad hoc, open source Kubernetes operator.


APPUiO Cloud has been possible thanks to the incredible experience of the VSHN team and to their investment in tooling. In particular, Project Syn has made possible the automation of many different tasks in APPUiO Cloud. And of course it is all 100% open source, as the APPUiO Cloud Commodore Component.

The APPUiO Cloud billing system is also a fine piece of automation, helping us process the consumption of resources, and generating the invoices for our customers in a timely manner. Christian Häusler, APPUiO Cloud’s Product Owner, described it in a previous blog post.

API and Portal

We’ve created an extensive APPUiO Cloud Control API, fully open source, based on the OpenShift and Kubernetes APIs, and running on top of vcluster. Another recent blog post also from our Product Owner Christian Häusler gives more information about this topic.

We have also recently launched the APPUiO Cloud Portal, fully open source, offering our users a self-service mechanism to manage their organizations, users, and to quickly access useful information about their APPUiO Cloud usage. The portal uses the same Kubernetes-based APPUiO Cloud Control API mentioned above. This Portal is under heavy development, so you can expect new features to be released regularly.


Following our partnership with Isovalent APPUiO Cloud is currently using Cilium Enterprise as its CNI of choice, positioning it at the forefront of technology, and opening fantastic opportunities for the future.

New Zone

After the first APPUiO Cloud zone opened in December (running on in Kanton Aargau), we quickly opened the second in February, this time on Exoscale in the Canton de Genève.


And none of this effort could go into production without a great deal of documentation. Not only is our user documentation completely open source, we have also been updating our APPUiO Cloud for System Engineers documentation regularly, with lots of juicy details for your technical teams to learn about how APPUiO Cloud works.


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