Hej Josh!

18. Jul 2023

I am excited to join VSHN where I will be helping shape the industry go-to-market for the VSHN platform. Looking at specialized industry vertical use cases for the great suite of products VSHN has built up over the years will help to better showcase many of the great things the team are already doing.

Career wise, I’m a long-time technologist and nerd that has worked for both large and small consultancies across 6 continents (still missing that elusive project in Antarctica) and I have worked with both cloud and cloud native technologies since the early days (before Kubernetes or Docker existed). I’ve also had the pleasure of working with VSHN as a partner in a previous role, and have followed the team as they have grown from strength to strength, so very excited to join and contribute to the company’s journey.

On a more personal note, I’m born in Denmark, and I’m half Danish and half Mexican. After a few other host countries and I’ve now been in Switzerland for over 7 years. My German is finally getting to that stage where I can keep conversations flowing without necessarily being perfect. With High German and later Swiss German, I will reach my 8th and 9th languages, which I’m excited about. Learning languages and cultures is both a passion in my family and also a personal passion, so I don’t plan to stop there. I keep myself busy with various other hobbies, like hiking, reading books or attending meetups. Perhaps I’ll see you at one of the Language or Tech meetups in Zurich, if so, feel free to come and say hello.

Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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