Hoi Arngard!

3. Mrz 2023

Hello Everyone! My name is Arngard, but Arnie as a nickname is fine too. I joined VSHN to help build the new Customer Support Team. 

I grew up on a farm.  There, I’ve profoundly learned how to get things done efficiently. I like organizing things, but also like to work hands on. As a young adult, I got to spend time with the CCC Zürich crowd. Ever since, I enjoyed spending time with and listening to all kinds of technically interested and knowledgeable people. Hence, I learned a thing or two on lots of different topics. Sadly, I never got into coding, but I really like the world revolving all around open-source software development. 

I started my career as a chef and since moved to customer service 6 years ago. Having gained profound experiences and knowledge in customer support and communications, I am now here to tackle this new challenge with all the wonderful people at VSHN. 

Some favourite hobbies and interests of mine include gardening, cooking, reading fantasy and Sci-Fi, watching anime, Gaming and cuddling with my cats. Going to medieval fairs, having board game evenings or grill parties are some of the most appealing activities to get me out and about. I also enjoy hosting and making food for everyone.

Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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