Hol dir den “DevOps in der Schweiz 2022” Report

Wir freuen uns sehr, die zweite Ausgabe unseres Berichts “DevOps in der Schweiz” anzukündigen!

VSHN goes to Canada

VSHN goes to Canada – our findings. In the last months of 2019, Daniel, Manuel, and Matthias were working in Vancouver. You can find more about the reasons behind choosing Canada in our blog post VSHN goes to Vancouver. But now, enjoy the recap video about our findings and to give you a glimpse into life in Canada. 

VSHN goes to Vancouver – Part 1

VSHN goes to Vancouver – Part 1: Currently Daniel, Manuel, and I are working from Vancouver. Therefore I want to tell you a bit about why we are here and then give you a glimpse into life in Canada. VSHN grew a lot since we started. We went from one customer to over 350. With the number of customers, their requirements and the number of managed systems grew as well, and with all of that the amount of work we have to do during the night.

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