Neuer Schritt in unserer Beziehung mit der CNCF

VSHN has a long commitment to the values and mission of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This relationship stretches almost a decade back, and has had a few major milestones.

The New Commodore Components Hub

We’re very happy to announce a new member of the Project Syn family: the new Commodore Components Hub. This is the new central point of reference and information for all Commodore components available in GitHub.

New introduction video to Project Syn

Watch our new intro to Project Syn: Tobias Brunner held a brand new introduction to #ProjectSyn at the Cloud Native Bern Meetup on Oct 29, 2020. Watch the recording and let us know what you think.

Project Syn ist nominiert für den DINAcon Award 2020

Unser Project Syn ist eines von sechs Projekten, die an den DINAcon Awards 2020 auf der Shortlist steht. Mit den DINAcon Awards werden jedes Jahr an der digitalen DINAcon Konferenz Open-Projekte von Communities, Unternehmen, Verwaltungen, Organisationen und Einzelpersonen ausgezeichnet.

Second Beta Release of Project Syn Tools

Without further ado, we’re announcing the release 0.2 of the Project Syn tools. Since the first public release mid-March this year (read more about it in First Pre-Release of Project Syn Tools) we used the tools on a daily basis, in particular for the development of our new product “VSHN Syn Support”. And of course we have incorporated all of that experience in the source code. The main features are now in place, and are getting better and better on a daily basis.

Tutorial: Backing up Kubernetes Clusters with K8up

One of the most common questions we got from companies moving to Kubernetes has always had to do with backups: how can we ensure that the information in our pods and services can be quickly and safely restored in case of problems? This situation is so common that we VSHN decided to tackle it with our own Kubernetes operator for backups, which we called K8up.

Partnerschaft VSHN & Crossplane

VSHN geht Partnerschaft mit Crossplane ein. Zürich, 21. November 2019: VSHN ist stolz darauf, eine strategische Partnerschaft mit Crossplane.io für unser Project Syn – VSHNs Next Generation Managed Services Framework – bekannt zu geben.

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