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The New Commodore Components Hub

28. Jul 2021

We’re very happy to announce a new member of the Project Syn family: the new Commodore Components Hub. This is the new central point of reference and information for all Commodore components available in GitHub.

Commodore Components Hub

Not only does the Commodore Component Hub list all existing components on GitHub, it also automatically imports and indexes the documentation of each and every one, written in Asciidoc and formatted as an Antora documentation site. This makes it very easy to find the perfect component that suits your needs.

The source code used to generate the Commodore Component Hub was born during our recent VSHN HackDay; it’s written in Python and 100% open source (of course!). Check it out in GitHub.

Get your Component on the Hub!

To add your own Commodore Component to the Hub, it’s very easy: just add the commodore-component tag to your project on GitHub, and voilà! The Commodore Component Hub is rebuilt every day at every hour from 6 AM to 7 PM (CET time).

We recommend that you write the documentation of your component with Asciidoc in the docs folder of your component. This will ensure that users will be able to find your component, and most important, also learn how to use it properly.

We look forward to featuring your Commodore Components on the Hub!

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