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VSHN announces Red Hat OpenShift 4 services

24. Aug 2020

We’re very happy to announce Red Hat OpenShift 4 services on APPUiO!

The whole VSHN team has been working hard on making OpenShift 4 a reality for our customers. We are fully committed on the strategic importance of our Red Hat partnership and OpenShift as a main pillar of APPUiO and VSHN services.

OpenShift 4 on APPUiO beta program

To celebrate this milestone we’re happy to provide the community with time-limited OpenShift 4 test accounts, at no charge except for one thing: your feedback. If you are interested in testing OpenShift 4 on APPUiO, please sign up here for our beta program:

As an open source company we’re used to collaborating over company borders, so much that it is part of our openly documented company core values. For our OpenShift 4 services this means we’re documenting our support, architecture, and tooling in the open, and are submitting contributions upstream.

Contribute on APPUiO Managed OpenShift 4

Do you want to shape the future of APPUiO Managed OpenShift 4?
Send us your feedback! To make it easier, we use a feedback voting system, where you can easily join the discussion and vote for your preferred features and services.

History of OpenShift & VSHN

OpenShift has been and continues to be the strategic Kubernetes platform for VSHN.
VSHN was founded in 2014 with the idea of not doing everything ourselves, but rather focus on what we do best: Specialize in operating and onboarding customers and don’t own hardware, servers or data centers is one of the main aspects of why we exist. This led to a strong focus on innovation & automation, PaaS & container technology with the belief of being cloud native & cloud neutral.
Shortly after in 2015, we created the brand APPUiO in cooperation with Puzzle ITC, and started deploying the first OpenShift 3 beta releases. In close collaboration with Puzzle ITC and Red Hat we launched container platform in production in 2016.
Why did we choose OpenShift? A couple of arguments why OpenShift is our „way to go“:

  • Multitenancy, RBAC, WebGUI, container based images, „best of both PaaS and CaaS“
  • Delivery model: open source, available & supports both cloud/hyperscalers and on-premises/CCSP-infrastructure
  • Red Hat: trusted brand, marketing generating demand, customers ask for Red Hat
  • Flexibility fits perfect to our strategy & managed service business
  • Perfect for our future growth and open source practice

OpenShift enabled us to enter the Enterprise market through:

  • Unifying operations & delivery platform onprem/cloud/hybrid
  • Enabling DevSecOps through RBAC and other security-by-default
  • Enterprise supported Kubernetes
  • Embracing open standards, enabling infrastructure/cloud abstraction and mobility, enabling cloud-native (and not necessarily cloud-only)

So the foundation for VSHN and APPUiO was set up which led to a strong & healthy natural growth through focus on what we do best.
In 2020, we are still open & transparent and are embracing Open Source & partnerships, are still owner-run and managed and are ISO27001 certified and ISAE3402 audited. VSHN is the first Swiss Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and VSHN is Red Hat Advanced Business Partner (CCSP).
So after using OpenShift since 3.0 beta 1, today we are operating 50 clusters in 16 countries. From Zurich to Sydney, the USA and China, numerous happy customers trust us in the bankingfinancial servicesinsurance brokeringmedical insurancemedicalgovernmental, and many other online business fields.
Our customers embrace Enterprise Kubernetes features such as multi-tenancy, authentication, and security hardening, in combination with the „batteries included“ approach to auxiliary services: container building, logging, and metrics. OpenShift 4 includes a lot more features complementing this offering, bringing lots of value to our customers.

More Information

If you would like to learn more about OpenShift 4, we have lots of resources ready for you because at VSHN, we strongly believe in the sharing of know how.

APPUiO OpenShift 4 Techlabs

A container platform changes the way we develop, deliver and operate software. APPUiO presents OpenShift 4 in a Techlab: a free half day training course.

Target audience

The OpenShift Techlab is for anyone who wants to understand how a containerized application can be deployed and run on OpenShift.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how OpenShift and Kubernetes work
  • Making your first experiences on OpenShift
  • Deploy a first application

Learn more and sign up

VSHN OpenShift Success Stories

Have a look at our numerous Success Stories which we implemented with our partners:

APPUiO OpenShift 4 Fact Sheet

Our APPUiO OpenShift 4 Fact Sheet explains the benefits of OpenShift 4 in a easy to read 2-pager.
Download the Fact Sheet below.

Blog Post Migrating OpenShift 3 to 4

Check out our blog post about the ways of migrating OpenShift 3 to OpenShift 4.
Please sign up for our monthly VSHN newsletter to get informed as soon as the blog post is ready.
If you’re interested in technical topics, sign up to our weekly VSHN.timer newsletter.

Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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