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VSHN is Gold sponsor at Kubernetes Community Days Zurich on June 13 2024

6. Jun 2024

We are thrilled to announce that VSHN will be participating in the upcoming Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) in Zurich as Gold sponsor next week!

This is an event we have been eagerly looking forward to, and we are proud to be a sponsor of this significant gathering of the Swiss Kubernetes community.

With over 90 people on the waiting list and a remarkable 110 talk submissions for KCD Zürich, KCD Zürich Rejects was born as a pre-event which happened on June 5, 2024, to give more community members the opportunity to share their insights and connect. The top 6 speakers who didn’t make the cut for the main event were invited to talk at Rejects. VSHN also supported the KCD Rejects (and KuberTENes 10th Anniversary) as a Platinum Sponsor.

Now we can´t wait for the main KCD event to take place next week. Here’s why we are so excited and what you can expect from this fantastic event.

What is Kubernetes Community Days?

Kubernetes Community Days are community-organized events that gather Kubernetes enthusiasts, developers, and experts from around the globe. These events are designed to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and promote the growth and development of Kubernetes and its ecosystem. They feature a variety of sessions including keynotes, technical talks, workshops, and networking opportunities.

KCD Zurich is set to be a remarkable occasion, bringing together a diverse group of people who are passionate about Kubernetes. Attendees will have the chance to learn from industry leaders, contribute to discussions, and gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in Kubernetes development and operations.

Learn more on: Kubernetes Community Days Zürich

See you next week!

Why We Are Sponsoring KCD Zurich

As a company deeply invested in the Kubernetes ecosystem, we understand the importance of community and collaboration in driving innovation.

VSHN is for example also proud organizer of the Cloud Native Computing Switzerland Meetup with now more than 2´500 members. Join our next CNC meetup on August 22, 2024 in Zurich at the Puzzle & Isovalent offices.

Sponsoring KCD Zurich is our way of giving back to the community that has been instrumental in our journey. Here are a few reasons why we are so excited to be part of this event:

1. Supporting the Community

By sponsoring KCD Zurich, we are supporting the vibrant and dynamic Kubernetes community. We believe that events like these are crucial for the continuous improvement and adoption of Kubernetes, and we are proud to contribute to this effort.

2. Knowledge Sharing

KCD Zurich provides an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and experiences. We are excited to engage with other Kubernetes enthusiasts, learn from their experiences, and share our insights. This mutual exchange of ideas is invaluable for personal and professional growth.

3. Networking Opportunities

The event offers a unique opportunity to network with industry peers, thought leaders, and potential partners. We are looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering relationships that can lead to future collaborations.

4. Staying Ahead of the Curve

Kubernetes is a rapidly evolving technology, and staying updated with the latest advancements is essential. By participating in KCD Zurich, we aim to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our solutions remain cutting-edge and relevant.

What to Expect at KCD Zurich

KCD Zurich promises to be an action-packed event with a variety of sessions catering to different interests and expertise levels. Here are some highlights:

  • Keynote Speeches: Inspiring talks from industry leaders and Kubernetes experts.
  • Technical Sessions: Deep dives into specific topics, including new features, best practices, and real-world case studies.
  • Workshops: Hands-on sessions that provide practical experience with Kubernetes tools and techniques.
  • Networking Events: Opportunities to meet and connect with other attendees, share experiences, and build relationships.

We are incredibly excited to be part of Kubernetes Community Days Zurich and can’t wait to contribute to this amazing community.

Join Us!

We invite you to join us at KCD Zurich next week. Whether you are a seasoned Kubernetes professional or just starting your journey, there is something for everyone at this event. Visit our booth to learn more about VSHN´s solutions, meet our team, and discover how we can help you leverage the power of Kubernetes.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow VSHN on Social Media for live coverage from the event. We look forward to seeing you in Zurich!

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