Welcome Christopher

23. Sep 2020

Hi everyone!

My name is Christopher, and I am quite excited to join VSHN as a Software Engineer!

I have been programming professionally for almost 20 year, and had the chance to apply my craft at several cloud-related companies such as VMware and Canonical in the past. Joining VSHN is a great opportunity for me to continue on that path, and to dig deeper into kubernetes and its ecosystem. I’ll be working with the Sirius team on OpenShift cluster deployment and maintenance, as well as on the next generation „Syn“ management tool.

Originally from Geneva, I have moved to the German-speaking side of Switzerland some years ago and now settled in the beautiful region of Emmental, where I work from home most of the time. I speak fluent French and English, and my relocation to the Swiss country side had me learn Bärntüütsch (Bernese Swiss-German) as a foreign language as well.

My spare time is mostly spent being the dad of two very active little boys (Flynn and Elric), or running up and down the hiking trails around my house. My wife and I both love to travel, so we try to spend a significant amount of time visiting other countries and cultures each year. So far, we’ve also had the chance to live and work abroad in Ireland and Tanzania, experiences we’d love to repeat.

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