Willkommen, Alex!

5. Jan 2022

Hi! I am Alex, I have just moved to Switzerland from Mainz, Germany and joined VSHN as a DevOps Engineer.

I have worked as a Linux Server Admin and System Engineer in my previous positions in Germany, and now look forward to work with the modern technical environment that VSHN has to offer. I have a lot of fun tinkering with open source software and electronics since my childhood days, and I am always happy to learn about new technology to make our everyday life easier. Back in Mainz I established a hack lab with a friend and loved to spend time there soldering and learning about hardware, and hope to be able to continue this in Switzerland!

Besides my computer life I love working out at the gym, and I love skateboarding and snowboarding. My passion for riding down mountain roads on my skateboard has brought me to many places around the world, but Switzerland remains one of the best places on Earth to follow that passion, so I am more than happy to finally have made the step and moved here.

Alexander Dehmel

Alexander Dehmel ist ein DevOps-Ingenieur bei VSHN.

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