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We believe in openness and sharing know-how, experience and code through Open Source. We use and support existing open source software wherever possible and give our own developments back to the community. Have a look at our VSHN company Github profile, our APPUiO product GitHub profile and K8up – the Kubernetes Backup Operator. Not only do we support the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation financially in terms of our membership or sponsoring of KubeCon/CloudNativeCon, but also by organizing events like the Cloud Native Computing Meetups in Zurich. VSHN is also a member of CH Open, swiss made software and simsa/swico.

Giving back: We support initiatives like the Powercoders where we employed a fugitive at VSHN through the Powercoders program and an initial internship.

Our engagement and memberships

VSHN is silver sponsor of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and we host the Cloud Native Computing Meetups in Zurich. The CNCF is part of the non-profit Linux Foundation and brings together the world’s leading developers, end users and vendors and hosts the largest open source developer conferences (KubeCon & CloudNativeCon).

VSHN supports the Linux Foundation as a sponsor. The Linux Foundation promotes, protects and standardizes Linux by providing uniform resources and services required by open source software projects.

We support initiatives like the Powercoders – our Bashar, for example, is a fugitive and we were able to offer him a permanent position at VSHN through the Powercoders program and an initial internship.

VSHN supports diversity in tech and is sponsor of Hack’n’Lead – the first Swiss women-friendly hackathon organized by Women++.

VSHN is a sponsor of CH Open, the association for the promotion of open source software and open standards in Switzerland (www.ossdirectory.com).

VSHN supports the European DevOps Group EURODOG, sister of the North American DevOps Group (NADOG)

VSHN supports Opendata.ch, the Swiss section of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

VSHN is a member of Swico – the association of digitizers. Swico is the trade association of the ICT and online industry and represents the interests of established companies and start-ups in politics, business and society. Swico and Simsa have joined forces in 2018.

VSHN is a member of swissICT, the largest professional association in the industry with over 2500 members. swissICT is the only association that connects ICT providers, users and professionals in Switzerland.

VSHN is listed on Swissstartups.org

Member of the Gewerbeverein

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