Application modernization: the way from legacy to cloud

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Imagine: You want to climb a 6000 meter peak. Good preparation, good material and professional knowledge are indispensable.

You get a mountain guide who supports you in difficult passages and shares the appropriate know-how with you. You can share the heavy equipment with a team that knows exactly which are the right packs for you. They will also show you what unnecessary ballast you can discard.

At the end you will reach your objective – a great result and the satisfaction of what you have accomplished awaits you.

This is exactly how the journey of your legacy application feels.

In the webinar, the three partner companies Object Engineering, Puzzle and VSHN will show you how to keep your applications fit. We will give you an insight into how our experts can analyze your applications, spice them up and ensure their operation.

We look forward to seeing you!

This webinar will be held in german.

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