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APPUiO Cloud is the successor of our hugely successful APPUiO Public product, which we have been offering already since 2016. APPUiO Cloud is a complete and simple OpenShift-as-a-Service product, available on different infrastructure (IaaS) providers.

APPUiO Cloud is based on the latest Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4 release and powered by VSHN’s Project Syn, persistent storage courtesy of Rook, in both RWO and RWX modes and backups powered by K8up, VSHN’s own Kubernetes Backup Operator.

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You can find all information about APPUiO Cloud in the official announcement blog post on

Trial version APPUiO Cloud

We are happy to offer you a free trial version of APPUiO Cloud, so that you can see the benefits for yourself. Just fill out the form and we will inform you as soon as the trial version is available.

APPUiO is a cooperation between VSHN and Puzzle ITC. For more information head over to

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