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What keeps Fintech, Insurtech & Medtech technical teams awake at night? Well, the easy answer would be “a lot of things,” but a few always stand out on the list: security, regulatory frameworks, and infrastructure complexity. In our age of digitalization and increasingly competitive markets, engineers and CTOs face security breaches and complex legislation making new products more complicated and challenging to bring to market.

The APPUiO Cloud Advantage

Whenever Fintech, Insurtech & Medtech teams have to bring new products to the market, publish an MVP to convince stakeholders of a new idea, or provide audit trails for their compliance tasks, they can rely on APPUiO Cloud.

APPUiO Cloud is a secure 100% Swiss-based platform based on Red Hat OpenShift 4, the most advanced and secure application platform based on Kubernetes, chosen and trusted by hundreds of businesses in Switzerland. Thanks to its hardened security policies, APPUiO Cloud builds upon OpenShift 4 without sacrificing usability, performance, or manageability.

Thanks to industry standards such as VSHN’s ISO 27001 certification, its ISAE 3402 audit, and its FINMA-compliant status, APPUiO Cloud complies with the strictest regulatory frameworks in Switzerland and the European Union.

APPUiO Cloud frees Fintech, Insurtech & Medtech teams to build new ideas and products confidently, knowing that their MVPs will run in a secure, private, yet immediately available platform. Just sign up for your APPUiO Cloud account and publish your containers instantly. And let VSHN’s expert DevOps engineers take care of the platform for you.

And, should you need more help, we have support packages specially tailored for you and your team to provide 24/7 access to the knowledge of a VSHN engineer at all times.

Why APPUiO Cloud?

Fintech, Insurtech & Medtech firms enjoy many benefits of APPUiO Cloud:

  • Shorten development cycles and ensure faster time-to-market for your products.
  • Easy start on a small scale, without upfront investment, and with a more cost-efficient approach than on-premises.
  • Reduce risk and enable easy scaling and agile workloads.
  • Enjoy highly secure hosting with Red Hat OpenShift 4 on Swiss cloud providers.
  • Compliance with industry standards such as ISO 27001, ISAE 3402, and FINMA.
  • Swissness: hosted in Switzerland and managed by a Swiss entity.
  • Already in use within the financial, insurance, and medical industries.

Who’s using APPUiO Cloud?

Please don’t take our word for it! The following companies are already enjoying the benefits of APPUiO Cloud: Acrevis, Finnova, Neon, esurance, and CreditGate24. You could be next!

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