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Remember when 25 years ago people wondered what this “Internet” thing was? Times have changed to such an extent that these days even the smallest of businesses must have a SaaS & E-Commerce presence. But can they manage the complexity of a cloud platform? Can they afford runaway costs if they forget to turn a virtual machine off? The French like to say, “No one is safe from success.” What would happen if your website became the preferred new shop of an Instagram influencer? Your next overnight success doesn’t have to be your last.

The APPUiO Cloud Advantage

With APPUiO Cloud, your application can automatically react to the success of your products. Based on the remarkable stability and reliability of Red Hat OpenShift 4, APPUiO Cloud guarantees your SaaS & E-Commerce platform to handle all traffic that the Internet throws at them reliably. While simultaneously providing an affordable and cost-effective platform with a simple billing model. It doesn’t get better than that.

APPUiO Cloud builds upon the know-how and experience of VSHN, a 100% Swiss company with over eight years of experience managing cloud and Kubernetes services. VSHN’s DevOps engineers take care of the infrastructure while you keep on smashing sales records. Oh, and did we tell you that APPUiO Cloud is hosted 100% within Switzerland, in Swiss cloud data centers? And let’s not forget that VSHN is ISO and ISAE 3402 certified and works according to the strict FINMA guidelines.

You will never be alone with APPUiO Cloud. If you ever need more help, we have support packages for you, ensuring that you can always reach a VSHN engineer 24/7 and pick their brains to get the help you need.

We want you to be featured on the cover of Market and Bilanz! We think you just ran out of excuses not to use APPUiO Cloud.

Why APPUiO Cloud?

APPUiO Cloud has many advantages for SaaS & E-Commerce services:

  • Quickly launch your cloud strategy using our platform.
  • Scale your application quickly and easily.
  • 24/7 additional support is available on demand.
  • With VSHN, you have a strong partner with technical expertise at your side.
  • You only pay for what you effectively use.
  • You can start small and use more resources at any time without asking us.
  • No upfront investment is required, and you can cancel your plan anytime.

Who’s using APPUiO Cloud?

We are proud to have many SaaS & E-Commerce customers already enjoying the benefits of APPUiO Cloud: Skribble, Neon, Lehner Versand, Migros, HRM Systems, and CRB are some of them. And you?

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