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Announcing DBaaS by Exoscale on AppCat

17. Jan 2023

Last September, we announced our new AppCat service. Since then, we’ve expanded it to offer object storage provisioning in both and Exoscale. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the immediate availability of a new AppCat service: DBaaS by Exoscale, available in the APPUiO Cloud Zone on Exoscale or, on request, on APPUiO Managed clusters on Exoscale.

Getting an Exoscale DBaaS instance is as simple as specifying any Kubernetes object with YAML. A few minutes later, you’ll get access to a freshly provisioned Exoscale DBaaS instance, with the credentials to access it available in a Kubernetes Secret  object. This lets you specify the dependency of an Exoscale DBaaS instance directly within your application deployment.

DBaaS by Exoscale on AppCat has the following outstanding features:

  • Available services: Create one or many instances of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Apache Kafka, or OpenSearch.
  • Multiple plans available: Find a variety of plans with different upscale and downscale possibilities, as well as redundancy options.
  • Available in all Exoscale zones: DBaaS plans are available in all current Exoscale zones, enabling multi-zone setups and geo-replication.
  • Termination protection: Termination protection against accidental deletion is in place for all DBaaS services to keep your databases safe.
  • Automatic backup policy: Backups are automatically done daily. The daily backup frequency and retention depend on the chosen plan.
  • Your data stays In Europe: All data is stored in the country of your chosen zone, fully GDPR-compliant. DBaaS is available in every zone across Europe.

Some crunchy technical details:

  • The DBaaS offering by Exoscale is powered by Aiven, one of the leading European companies for managing open-source data infrastructure in the cloud. This partnership offers Exoscale and VSHN customers an integrated environment for their complete cloud infrastructure – without any security compromise. All involved companies are GDPR-compliant to ensure the highest data protection standards.
  • Using open-source projects ensures customers are not locked into a vendor and always enjoy the latest technology standards.
  • This service is made available by our Crossplane providers for and Exoscale. It uses a Project Syn Commodore Component to deploy the Crossplane XRDs and Compositions to the APPUiO clusters.

Learn more about AppCat DBaaS by Exoscale, including its pricing and availability, on our product website, and then learn how to use it on our AppCat documentation website.

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