A New Step on our Long Relationship with the CNCF

VSHN has a long commitment to the values and mission of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This relationship stretches almost a decade back, and has had a few major milestones.
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New OpenShift 4.13 Features for APPUiO Users

We have just upgraded our APPUiO Cloud clusters from version 4.11 to version 4.13 of Red Hat OpenShift, and there are some interesting new features for our APPUiO Cloud and APPUiO Managed users we would like to share with you.
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Self Sign-Up and Invitations on APPUiO Cloud

We’re very excited to share two fantastic news: starting today, users can self-sign up into APPUiO Cloud and create a new organization, and also send invitations to their colleagues and coworkers to join their APPUiO Cloud organization.
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Vertical Pod Autoscaler on APPUiO Cloud

Setting appropriate limit and request values in your deployments is not an easy task. To help our customers, we have enabled the use of the VerticalPodAutoscaler object on all APPUiO Cloud zones.
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VSHN HackDay – Tailscale on APPUiO Cloud

As part of the fourth VSHN HackDay taking place yesterday and today (October 20th and 21st, 2022), Simon Gerber and I (Tobias Brunner) worked on the idea to get Tailscale VPN running on APPUiO Cloud.
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APPUiO Cloud Billing

In diesem Blogbeitrag möchten wir dir erklären, wie unsere Kunden für die Nutzung der APPUiO Cloud-Ressourcen abgerechnet werden.
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