Discover the Future of Cloud Native Computing with VSHN at KubeCon Paris

29. Feb 2024

Next month, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Paris 2024 will serve as a focal point for Cloud Native professionals, enthusiasts, and pioneers from all over Europe. We are excited to be a part of this great event, and we’re poised to make a significant impact through a series of engaging contributions.

The Cloud Native Dance: MLOps on Kubernetes

At the heart of VSHN’s participation is a presentation by our CMO, Annie Talvasto, titled “KubeDDR! A Dance of Predictive Scoring with MLOps, Step by Step”. Scheduled for Friday at 14:00, and presented together with Leigh Capili from Broadcom, this talk will mark the point where dance floors meet cutting-edge technology. Attendees will learn how AI-driven image recognition works, how to forecast dance scores, and how Kubernetes seamlessly orchestrates ML model deployments. Annie will offer invaluable perspectives for anyone vested in the future of MLOps and cloud infrastructure.

K8up: Our Kubernetes-Native Backup Solution

Our KubeCon adventure continues at our kiosk, where we will showcase K8up, our pioneering backup solution for Kubernetes, now part of the larger CNCF technology landscape. As an official CNCF project, K8up addresses the critical need for reliable, scalable backup solutions in a Kubernetes environment. This is a must-visit for attendees seeking to enhance their infrastructure’s resilience and efficiency.

The KubeTrain Journey: An Unforgettable Experience

Adding a unique twist to their journey, VSHNeers will be traveling to the conference aboard the KubeTrain, departing on the 18th of March from Zürich Hauptbahnhof at 13:34, calling at Basel, Mulhouse, and Dijon, finally arriving to Paris Gare de Lyon at 17:38.

That same evening, starting at 19:00, we will be sponsoring the exclusive KubeTrain Party at the Fitzroy Restaurant. This event promises to be another highlight of the conference! You’ll have unique networking opportunities, following our commitment to fostering community engagement. To join the festivities, the community is invited to use the voucher code INVITEDBYVSHN, securing a chance to network, learn, and celebrate with fellow DevOps enthusiasts.

Sponsoring Collaboration and Innovation

Our dedication to the DevOps community extends further through their participation to key networking events at KubeCon. We will attend the Isovalent Hive Mind Mingle on Tuesday 19th, and the following day we’ll be sponsoring the Swiss Apéro. Join us at those events to foster collaboration, share insights, and celebrate the vibrant Swiss community surrounding Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

KubeCon Paris is more than just a conference; it’s a meeting of ideas, innovation, and community. VSHNeers invite you to join them in this exciting journey. Whether you’re drawn by the insights of Annie, intrigued by the capabilities of K8up, or looking to engage with the community aboard the KubeTrain or through the sponsored events, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with us VSHNeers! Visit the K8up booth, discover how we can support your Kubernetes and DevOps business, and engage with a team that’s at the forefront of shaping the future of cloud computing. Together, let’s explore the endless possibilities that Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies have to offer.

See you in Paris!

Annie Talvasto

Annie Talvasto is Marketing and Public Relations Lead at VSHN.

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APPUiO Cloud Press

AppCat Now Standard on All APPUiO Managed OpenShift Clusters on Exoscale

27. Feb 2024

We’re excited to bring you a feature that has long been requested by our users. AppCat, the powerful application catalog and service marketplace, will now be included by default on all APPUiO Managed OpenShift clusters hosted on Exoscale.

This means that you can seamlessly access and utilize AppCat services without the need for any additional installations or configurations. With AppCat readily available on your APPUiO Managed OpenShift clusters, you can accelerate your application deployment, scale your services, and streamline your workflow without any friction.

Elevating Accessibility

Our aim has always been to make AppCat more accessible to our customers. While the services offered by AppCat have been available through the CLI and the OpenShift console, we recognized the need to simplify the process. Now, with AppCat pre-installed, you can access it with ease, reducing the time and effort required to get started.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting your journey with OpenShift, this enhancement will help you out. It eliminates the barriers and complexities, ensuring that you can fully harness the power of AppCat right from the moment you start using APPUiO.

How to Get Started

Getting started with AppCat on APPUiO is easy. For existing users, you’ll find the catalog readily available on your OpenShift clusters hosted on Exoscale. If you’re new to APPUiO or AppCat, our Getting Started Guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough to help you explore the world of AppCat and get the most out of its services.

We’re excited about the possibilities this feature unlocks for you and look forward to your feedback as you explore its benefits.

Try it Today!

Experience the enhanced accessibility and convenience of AppCat on APPUiO Managed OpenShift clusters on Exoscale. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is here to help.

Annie Talvasto

Annie Talvasto is Marketing and Public Relations Lead at VSHN.

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Our team of experts is available for you. In case of emergency also 24/7.

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General Press

Introducing gepardec-run: Your 24/7 Hassle-Free Application Management Solution, powered by VSHN

6. Oct 2023

Collaboration between Gepardec, VSHN, and Exoscale

We are excited to announce a collaboration that brings together the best of three worlds—Gepardec, VSHN, and Exoscale—to offer you a solution for hassle-free application management and operations: gepardec-run, powered by VSHN. This service is designed to change the way you manage and operate your containerized applications, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

The Challenge: Your Applications, Our Expertise

You’ve invested in developing containerized individual software, and the concept of DevOps sounds promising. However, the operational aspect of DevOps can be a daunting task, one that developers often prefer to avoid. The round-the-clock responsibility can be taxing.

gepardec-run, powered by VSHN,  transforms this scenario by providing professional 24/7 technical support for your applications and container platform, all bundled into one package. The best part? You don’t need to be an expert in OpenShift or Kubernetes.

The Hurdles We Help You Overcome

  • 24/7 Application Availability: You must ensure your applications are available 24/7 to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Lack of Internal Readiness: Your team might not be prepared for the 24/7 cloud operation, and acquiring the necessary expertise can be challenging.
  • Outdated CI/CID Environments: you may have outdated build and deployment environments which make cloud-native development difficult for you.
  • Lack of Knowledge: Navigating the complexities of container platforms can be overwhelming, making it difficult to make the right technology choices.
  • Cloud-Native Technology Landscape: The cloud-native technology landscape is vast and intricate, making it challenging to select the right tools.
  • Resource and Time Demands: Implementing and maintaining CI/CD, platform, and observability can be resource-intensive and time-consuming.

Our Services and Your Benefit: Hassle-Free Application Operation

gepardec-run, powered by VSHN, offers an array of services to tackle these challenges head-on:

  • 24/7 Technical Operation: We take the responsibility of keeping your applications up and running on our Red Hat OpenShift platform, provided by VSHN.
  • Test Environments at your Fingertips: Access pre-configured environments quickly with a few clicks or automatically based on feature branches.
  • DevOps Environment Out-Of-The-Box: we provide a selection of state-of-the-art tools that work together seamlessly.
  • Collaborative DevOps: We join forces with your DEV team to enhance your application operations continually.
  • Predictable Costs: Say goodbye to budget surprises.
  • Compliance: The cooperation between Gepardec, VSHN, and Exoscale provides a reliable and secure data processing platform in the DACH region,

For more information on how gepardec-run can transform your application operations, visit gepardec-run.

We’re excited to embark on this journey with you, making application management simpler, more efficient, and hassle-free. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Gepardec, VSHN, and Exoscale as we continue to innovate together.

Together, we run your applications, so you don’t have to.

VSHN provides professional 24/7 technical support for your applications and container platform, all bundled into one package. The best part? You don’t need to be an expert in OpenShift or Kubernetes. Trust VSHN to provide the expertise, guidance, and hands-on engineering needed to propel your online business forward. VSHN is committed to building customized full solutions to ensure your business runs reliably around the clock.

Exoscale provides a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure (data center, CPU, RAM, networking, storage) with robust data protection features, ensuring your data and applications are always safe and accessible. Exoscale’s data centers in multiple regions offer low-latency access to your applications and data, no matter where your users are located, ensuring a seamless experience.

Gepardec’s focus is on the development of enterprise-specific software solutions as well as consulting in the areas of cloud, integration, and automation. So that people use better software.

Annie Talvasto

Annie Talvasto is Marketing and Public Relations Lead at VSHN.

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VSHN.timer #180: What Happened at KubeCon 2023?

24. Apr 2023

Welcome to another VSHN.timer! Every Monday, 5 links related to Kubernetes, OpenShift, CI / CD, and DevOps; all stuff coming out of our own chat system, making us think, laugh, or simply work better.

This week we’re going to talk about the most interesting stories of the latest KubeCon+CloudNativeCon 2023 last week in Amsterdam.

1. Last week at KubeCon was the world premiere of “Inside Envoy: The Proxy for the Future”, the Envoy project documentary, now available for everyone to watch online. The film narrates the journey from inception to adoption of the fast-rising and industry changing edge and service proxy.

2. The Cloud Native Glossary aims to make the cloud native space–which is notorious for its complexity–simpler by making it easier to understand, not only for technologists but also for those on the business side.

3. The CNCF introduced the Spring 2023 class of Cloud Native Ambassadors, and at VSHN we’re very proud to have a VSHNneer among the ambassadors as well. Congratulations to all!

4. The CNCF announced that Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation GmbH has won the CNCF End User Award in recognition of its achievements in cloud native development and notable contributions to the cloud native ecosystem. Congratulations!

5. We were proud and happy to talk to people about K8up, our beloved Kubernetes backup operator, at the project kiosk! Not only that, but we published a short video introducing K8up, have you seen it?

Did you attend KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe last week? What was your favorite shiny new thing you discovered at KubeCon? Would you like to share it with our readers? Get in touch with us, and see you next week for another edition of VSHN.timer.

PS: check out our previous VSHN.timer editions about conferences: #19, #20, #56, #57, #90, #91, #170, and #179.

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Annie Talvasto

Annie Talvasto is Marketing and Public Relations Lead at VSHN.

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