Bem-vindo Nuno!

11. Jul 2019

Before VSHN, I’ve been a Linux user from the nineties and then working in *nix technologies for more than a decade, specially leading teams, projects and as a manager.
Five years ago I decided to work again as a technician, more focused in Cloud Operations and working remotely with a distributed team across the world. Along the way I was exposed to micro-services using Docker, compose and Kubernetes.
I’ve found VSHN using their github and, after reading almost everything I could get about the company, I felt compelled to make my application. VSHN has the perfect balance about technology knowledge, openness and free-thinking environment that I was searching.
I know that being here is a challenge not only because I’ve changed my country of residence but also because I will learn more about DevOps, OpenShift and Cloud related technologies.
In my free time I like to play with micro-processors like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266 and IoT stuff. I also like to play drums.
My e-mail is and I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Michèle Leibenzeder

As Head of PeopleOperations in the Management, Michèle is responsible for the topics surrounding happy VSHNeers.

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