Bonjour Pierre!

2. Mar 2023

Hi! I’m Pierre, I’m now part of the Polaris team, as a DevOps engineer. I grew up in France near Grenoble, but my family roots are in Switzerland, and decided to come back to them in 2020.

My background is with Privacy, Infosec and Forensics, but as I found that decent Ops are one of the best tools to improve security, I got sidetracked a bit, and here I am now. I am mostly experienced with Ansible, and most of my previous jobs involved heavy automation of existing infrastructure to reduce incident response time, and sometimes make life easier. I also spent a lot of time maintaining unavoidable legacy, automating and improving reliability as possible. I have been in contact with pretty much all of the important solutions, but I’m looking forward to delve much deeper in some of them, especially K8s.

My hobbies are quite diverse, but here’s a few. As a techie, of course tinkering with a lot of things, but also hiking, skiing, paragliding, everything related to being somewhere in the mountains, usually accompanied by our dog that would prefer to be sleeping somewhere warm. I also spend a lot of time shooting, I used to compete in IPSC, but I’m somewhat out of it lately. I enjoy cooking a lot, and tend to monopolize the kitchen wherever I go.

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