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Choose Between Performance or Lower Cost with Node Classes on APPUiO Cloud

1. Dec 2022

We built APPUiO Cloud to support performance-sensitive production workloads. But that performance also came along with a price tag, one that users had to pay even for non-production workloads — like your development environments — or non-time critical workloads — like your background cron jobs.

We have heard this concern from our customers, and we are pleased to introduce today the concept of Node Classes. They allow you to schedule workloads on nodes with different specifications and costs. See the APPUiO Cloud documentation for more details about node classes.

On the – LPG 2 zone, you can now choose between “Flex” and “Plus” classes. “Plus” nodes have the same performance-optimized characteristics all nodes on that cluster had so far. “Flex” nodes will be a less capable but more affordable option. A more detailed explanation of these two classes is available on the documentation website, where you can also find the price table.

Workloads in our existing namespaces will continue to run on the more performant “Plus” node class. The default for all new namespaces will be “Flex.” Check the documentation to learn how to schedule your workloads on the desired node class.

Would your workload profit from nodes optimized for it? Please let us know through our roadmap. Some nodes with GPU support, maybe?

What’s next?

Soon we will release User Workload Monitoring on APPUiO Cloud. This allows users to monitor their applications, write alerts, and receive notifications when those alerts fire. For instance, when your persistent volume runs out of space.

Christian Häusler

Christian Häusler is a Product Owner at VSHN.

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