VSHN announces Kubernetes First strategy

Zurich, Switzerland, May 3rd 2021. VSHN – The DevOps Company announces Kubernetes First strategy. While KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 […]
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Moneycab interview with VSHN CEO Patrick Mathers

Patrick Mathers, CEO VSHN, im Interview. Moneycab.com: Herr Mathers, bitte erläutern Sie kurz was Ihr Unternehmen macht. Patrick Mathers: Die Digitalisierung macht heute vor keiner Branche mehr halt. Das bedeutet, dass so gut wie alle Unternehmen nun auch gleichzeitig IT-Firmen sein müssen, egal ob es sich hierbei um einen Finanzdienstleister oder einen Detailhändler handelt. Zudem wird die benötigte IT komplexer, schnelllebiger und risikoreicher, weswegen Software kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt werden muss.
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KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 Amsterdam + Swiss CNC Get Together

KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2020. Die KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europa 2020 findet in Amsterdam in den Niederlanden statt. #KubeCon #CloudNativeCon VSHN organisiert auch an der diesjährigen KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europa 2020 in Amsterdam wieder ein Swiss CNC Get Together Meetup, um die Schweizer Kollegen, die an der KubeCon teilnehmen, in ungezwungener Atmosphäre zusammenzuführen.
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Results of the DevOps in Switzerland Study

In autumn 2018 and one year later in 2019, we conducted a study to investigate how Swiss companies understand DevOps and whether they already work according to DevOps principles. The status of DevOps in Switzerland was clarified, reasons for and against an introduction of the DevOps philosophy and where the development is going. The results were compared between the years in order to be able to directly identify conclusions and trends.
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VSHN goes to Canada

VSHN goes to Canada – our findings. In the last months of 2019, Daniel, Manuel, and Matthias were working in Vancouver. You can find more about the reasons behind choosing Canada in our blog post VSHN goes to Vancouver. But now, enjoy the recap video about our findings and to give you a glimpse into life in Canada. 
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VSHN year in review 2019

2019 began right away with an award of which we are very proud: VSHN becomes the first Swiss Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP), we were in the Top 10 of the fastest growing ICT companies in Switzerland for the second year in a row, we are now Red Hat Advanced CCSP Partner, and we were awarded the Rising Star Switzerland 2019 in the ISG Provider Lens. Last but not least, we were the winners of the Digital Economy Award 2019 in the category „Highest Digital Quality“ and received Gold in the Hallenstadion Zurich.
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Opening hours holidays 2019

We wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a happy New Year! Opening hours holidays 2019: We are there for you during Christmas and New Year to ensure the operation of your platforms.
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VSHN wins Gold at the Digital Economy Award 2019

VSHN wins gold at Digital Economy Award in the category Highest Digital Quality. Who would have thought? VSHN – The DevOps Company wins gold at the Digital Economy Award in the category Highest Digital Quality. We couldn’t be happier and would like to thank all #VSHNeers who made this success possible.
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Partnership VSHN & Crossplane

VSHN is proud to announce a partnership with Crossplane. Zurich, Nov 21, 2019: VSHN is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Crossplane.io for Project Syn – VSHNs next generation Managed Services framework.
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Swiss Future Day with Adriano

Swiss Future Day with Adriano . Last Thursday, it was Swiss national future day, we had Adriano visiting us. Adriano had an entire day to get to know our, well, considerably challenging work environment. 
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VSHN celebrates 5th birthday 🎂

5 years VSHN – The DevOps Company. We can hardly believe that it has been 5 years since we founded VSHN. Our first 5 years were fantastic and it is hard to find words for the experiences we made during that time. Just this much can be said: We say thank you 1000 times to all partners, customers and all others who have accompanied us on the way so far and look forward to the future and the next 5 years! 🎂
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Our way to Managed OpenShift 4

Red Hat OpenShift 4: This summer Red Hat released OpenShift 4. At first glance, the new major version is a continuous development of OpenShift 3 with relatively manageable changes for the user. But if you look under the hood, you will quickly see a completely revised OpenShift. The blogpost of Benjamin Affolter on the APPUiO blog examines the changes of OpenShift 4 and describes them in detail.
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VSHN is a finalist at the Swiss Digital Economy Award

VSHN is a finalist at the Swiss Digital Economy Award category Highest Digital Quality. Zurich, September 18 2019: VSHN has made it into the 23 finalists of the Digital Economy Award 2019. After an exciting application phase and pitches in front of juries of experts from the Swiss digital economy, we are delighted that VSHN – The DevOps Company made it into the 23 finalists.
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VSHN and Puzzle ITC support acrevis Bank with future-oriented technology platform for further digitalization projects

VSHN and Puzzle ITC support acrevis Bank with future-oriented technology platform: acrevis Bank creates future-oriented technology platform for further digitalization projects. With the development of its own technology platform, acrevis Bank AG of Eastern Switzerland has succeeded in laying the foundation for its further digitalization projects. The platform enables acrevis to react agile, flexible and quickly to customer and market needs.
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Study DevOps in Switzerland 2019

DevOps in Switzerland 2019 Study. Are Swiss companies DevOps ready? Also this year we want to determine the current status of DevOps. Three years after our first check on DevOps in Switzerland, it is time to take a closer look at the current state and the adoption of DevOps in 2019.
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