Glenfis Cloud Talk with Aarno Aukia

20. Nov 2019

Aarno had the pleasure of presenting his view of the cloud at the Glenfis Cloud Talk on Wednesday, 20 November 2019, together with other experts at the Clouds in the Prime Tower in Zurich.

Those who understand the cloud only as an IT topic have already lost

Many companies want to move their IT into the cloud, but how does that actually work? At the Glenfis Cloud Talk, visitors learned from three perspectives how to take advantage of the cloud and how to avoid obstacles. Daniel Wolf (Glenfis), Dominik Zemp (Microsoft), Aarno Aukia (VSHN) and Harald Häuschen (Helsana) gave inputs on the subject of cloud computing. (from left, Source: Network Media)

3 views of the cloud at the Glenfis Cloud Talk

Glenfis has invited to cloud talk in the Prime Tower. High above the roofs of Zurich, visitors learned from three perspectives how the promises of the cloud for more scalability and new business models can be implemented in everyday life.

Perspective one: the expert. After the welcome by Glenfis Managing Director Martin Andenmatten, the first speaker was Aarno Aukia. The CTO and founder of VSHN demonstrated the changes that the cloud makes necessary in a company’s IT operations. Read here how VSHN can offer data center services without a data center.

But first the basic question has to be clarified: Why actually go into the cloud? There are many advantages, said Aukia. But the main thing is that cloud IT can be used to obtain IT – when, where and how you want. Like electricity from the socket, a company can use the services it needs. The cloud operator makes sure that everything works. Usually better than you can do it yourself.
As simple as it sounds, however, the use of cloud services is not without its challenges. Aukia said that the cloud can only show its full strength with consistent automation. Security should not be neglected either. DevOps is the ideal operating model. But neither with this, nor with a wealth of tools, migration to the cloud is a sure thing. It also requires collaboration, less silo thinking, training and good leadership.

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