Hoi Patrik!

14. Feb 2023

Hoi zemma! I am Patrik (aka blue), and I joined VSHN as a DevOps engineer in team Vega.

I grew up and currently live in Liechtenstein. I love Linux and its philosophy, knowing how things work and what’s happening behind the scenes.

That’s why I have Gentoo as a base system on my computer. (smile) It took some time to get a fantastic system, but it was worth it!

Go is my favorite development language, and I love to automate as much as possible. I once wrote a little helper for Microsoft Outlook. (big grin)

Also, a passion of mine is Cyber Security and CTFs. I’m a trainer of the Cyber Security Liechtenstein Team.

I have four kids, and daily it’s another challenge with fun, issues, and other stuff. (big grin)

My hobbies are the “5te Session” (Fasnacht) and enjoying snowboarding in winter. In summer, biking or inline skates are fantastic here in Liechtenstein.

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