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Gbanga (Millform AG) is the Swiss gaming studio focused on the development and marketing of mixed-reality games. Mixed-reality games respond to the current context of the player and adapt the game experience to the location, local time, local weather and friends in the area. This can optimize the gaming experience. They regularly receive national and international awards for their innovative and lucrative gamification projects. Advertising games, B2B gamification and GPS apps for generating casual customers are the focus.

Many of these games take place at specific dates and times. As a result, Gbanga relies on a dependable, redundant and scalable server infrastructure, when all players log on to the game and start playing.

The cooperation with VSHN was very good. We developed the Java-based backend of the game. VSHN supported us with Nginx know-how and MySQL replication, and we were able to thoroughly test the game on a small server before going live. After the test and just before the live event, server capacity and running costs were increased. During the approximately 2.5h live game, a VSHN employee monitored the system constantly, was in contact with our developers and could have intervened immediately if needed. After the event VSHN helped us with the evaluation of the game data and reduced the server capacity back to normal.

Matthias Sala, CEO & Founder, Gbanga (Millform AG)

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