Innovative Open Source Software of the Federal Archives – Patrick Mathers

29. Sep 2021

Last August, Patrick Mathers, founder and board member of VSHN AG, spoke at the IT Procurement Conference 2021 in Bern about the topic of DevOps and our involvement in the LINDAS project, the Linked Data Platform of the Swiss Federal Archives.

Please check the video of Patrick’s session below (in German, auto-generated subtitles available).

LINDAS is the Linked Data Platform of the Swiss Federal Archives, which is used to publish Open Data. Linked Data is a technology that makes it easy to relate data to each other. Hundreds of millions of data sets from a wide range of topics and sources are used for this purpose, currently e.g. from the federal government, SBB, cantons and municipalities. The innovative Triplestore database is managed and operated using open source software. The latest cloud technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Operators, Prometheus, etc. are used. The technology stack used as well as the LINDAS platform will be presented. The presentation will address the challenges of merging the culture of DevOps with the strengths of the HERMES framework. These experiences illustrate how other government agencies can benefit from software operating models such as DevOps using HERMES and its strengths such as planability and controllability. Furthermore, the steps taken from procurement to work on the project to operation are shown.

Patrick Mathers

Patrick is Founder and Member of the Board of VSHN.

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