VSHN Company Update 2022

It’s about time to give all of you a short update on what we at VSHN are working on and where we want to lay our focus in the coming months.
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Hej Josh!

I am excited to join VSHN where I will be helping shape the industry go-to-market for the VSHN platform.
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Salut Jessica!

Hi, I’m Jessica and recently joined VSHN as a Scrum Master and Team Facilitator at Team Polaris.
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Hei, Annie!

I am excited to have just joined VSHN, where I will be leading marketing & PR.
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Hello Jay!

Greetings team VSHN! As a DevOps Engineer, I’m thrilled to be part of this incredible team. Allow me to share a little bit about what motivates me!
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Hoi Arngard!

Hello Everyone! My name is Arngard, but Arnie as a nickname is fine too. I joined VSHN to help build the new Customer Support Team.
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Hoi Patrik!

Hoi zemma! I am Patrik (aka blue), and I joined VSHN as a DevOps engineer in team Vega.
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Welcome Sabrina

My name is Sabrina, and I joined team Antares in People Operation and Finance Administration.
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Willkommen, Alex!

Hi! I am Alex, I have just moved to Switzerland from Mainz, Germany and joined VSHN as a DevOps Engineer.
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