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Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) Zurich 2024 Recap

13. Jun 2024

It’s a wrap! The Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) in Zurich 2024 have come to a close.

The KCD Zurich brought together a diverse group of around 250 experts to experience the power of community. Participants gathered to learn, network, and share knowledge on various aspects of Cloud Native technologies.

KCD Zurich 2024

The event was packed with engaging and insightful talks about Kubernetes, once again showcasing the vibrancy and dedication of our community at the Google CH EURF HQ in Zurich.

Aarno Aukia, Founder and Partner at VSHN, also held a talk about the topic:

Empowering Developers: Building an Application Catalogue with Crossplane

The session was aimed to help discover how platform engineering innovations are revolutionizing internal developer platforms and to explore how Crossplane enables seamless application catalog construction, empowering teams to streamline development workflows and accelerate innovation.


If you want to learn more about VSHN AppCat or see Crossplane in action and its impact on internal developer platforms and platform engineering, contacts us.

VSHN supported KCD Zurich as Gold Sponsor

As Gold Sponsors, VSHN, together with Red Hat and GitLab, and alongside Google Cloud and Isovalent, supported this remarkable event. We enjoyed fascinating discussions, reconnected with familiar faces, met many new ones, and felt immense pride in being part of such an outstanding community.

And of course, we also had a lot of fun along the way! 🙂

One of the highlights was our prize draw. Congratulations to Daniel on winning the Lego DeLorean – enjoy your prize! 🙂

A heartfelt thanks to the KCD Zurich organizers and all participants for making this day truly spectacular.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

PS: Join our next CNC meetup on August 22, 2024 in Zurich at the Puzzle & Isovalent offices.

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