Looking back: APPUiO at the Cloud Conferences Bonn, Hanau, Hamburg & Munich 2019

2. Oct 2019

APPUiO at the Cloud Computing Conference 2019 in Germany

APPUiO participated 2019 as Cloud Native Loft Sponsor at the Cloud Conferences of the Vogel IT-Academy in Bonn, Hanau, Hamburg and Munich.

What is the Cloud Computing Conference #CONCLOUD?

The Cloud 2019 Technology & Services Conference (#CONCLOUD) is organized annually by the Vogel IT Academy. In the event series the following topics were covered in lectures, live demos and technology outlooks:

  • We are in the middle of a time change – from On Premises safely into the Cloud!
  • Transfer existing legacies into hybrid cloud stacks or already into multi-cloud environments
  • Containers and Microservices

The dates of the CLOUD Conference 2019:

  • 10.09. Bonn
  • 17.09. Hanau FFM
  • 19.09. Hamburg
  • 26.09. Munich

APPUiO Container Platform Pitch from Aarno Aukia (in German)

Success Story APPUiO & Flexis: From the Road to the Cloud (in German)

Success Story by APPUiO and Flexis at the Cloud Conference Hamburg 2019: From the Road to the Cloud – Optimization of Logistics Processes with Docker, Kubernetes and APPUiO.

Presentation From the Road to the Cloud (in German)

Impressions of Cloudcomputing Conference


Conclusion Cloud Conference 2019

The CLOUD 2019 was an extremely exciting series of events for us, which brought us together with various companies in Germany that more or less all face the same challenges. How do I choose Cloud Native? How do I convince traditional IT departments of container technology, Kubernetes, Docker and OpenShift? How can I be faster than my competitors and still trust in the security of my important company data despite using innovative technology? Thank you very much for all the great conversations and some great input, we will be happy to contribute it to APPUiO.
APPUiO would like to thank all visitors who visited our booth, all participants and partners and of course the organizers of the Vogel IT Academy, who made the CLOUD 2019 Technology & Services Conference a unique platform around cloud topics again this year!
See you next time and many greetings.
Your APPUiO Team

About APPUiO

With we have created a container platform based on Red Hat OpenShift on which we can offer Managed Services as a PaaS solution (Platform-as-a-Service) on any infrastructure: public, dedicated, private and on-premises. Based on proven Open Source concepts like Docker and Kubernetes you develop, operate and scale an application according to your needs. With APPUiO, your applications can be run on public clouds as well as in-house. The platform was originally developed in 2015 by the two IT specialists Puzzle ITC and VSHN AG for the professionalization of internal IT. Today APPUiO is used productively by many customers and is supported by a strong community.

Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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