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3 years of VSHN: new website on-line

30. Oct 2017

We’re happy to publish our new website just in time for the third anniversary since the founding of In addition to more elaborate pages about our technologies and products we now also have a less technical area – our solutions. Here we try to explain the benefits of our solutions for a business executive: to get back time, to reduce cost and to increase security.
To get to know what and who is behind all of this you can have a look at the team of VSHNeers. Our blog is sill filled with fresh topics about technology, events and stories from behind the scenes (VSHNinternal) and now also supports posts in multiple languages – you can change between the german and english version of this post in the menu above. New is the separate page jobs.
Of course we included a few easter eggs in our new site – write us when you find them and we’ll send you a small surprise!
Being agile, this website is a “minimal viable product – MVP” for us: we are going live as soon as we have approximately the same contents as on the old site. Now we have a good basis to continuously improve our site and expand the contents.
For that we are dependent on your feedback: what do you think should be the next thing to be improved? Please share your opinion with us using the form below:

Aarno Aukia

Aarno is Co-Founder of VSHN AG and provides technical enthusiasm as a Service as CTO.

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