Project Syn

Reducing the Cost of Kubernetes Management

29. Mar 2023

Back in 2019 we started working on Project Syn to streamline, standardize, and reduce the amount of work required by our teams to manage the hundreds of Kubernetes clusters from our customers.

Those management tasks ranged from regular backup (thanks to our K8up operator) to synchronizing security settings, to deploying applications, and storing secrets securely across a huge number of clusters. Doing so manually was not only error-prone, but it also increased the risk of security issues, not to mention being a source of stress for our teams.

We were among the first companies in Europe that faced such a challenge, and Project Syn is now a mature component of our workflows and infrastructure. Thanks to its GitOps-based architecture, Project Syn can be extended via components to deploy and support a variety of tools and systems: from Kyverno policies, to Argo CD pipelines, to storage systems such as CockroachDB or Minio, Project Syn can be extended in almost any direction you can imagine. You can see the almost 100 components available for Project Syn at the Project Syn Commodore Component Hub; all of them are battle tested and free to use!

And even better, Project Syn is compatible with all Kubernetes distributions, including Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher, AKS, EKS, GKE, ROSA, and more.

Check this brief introduction to Project Syn for technical teams on our YouTube channel VSHN.TV. As more and more companies run applications on an ever-increasing number of clusters, we’re confident Project Syn can help you manage your Kubernetes deployments and settings from a central location with lower costs and more efficiently. And if you need help with those clusters or Project Syn, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be thrilled to help you.

Oksana Horobinska

Oksana is Business Development Specialist at VSHN.

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