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Release your applications faster and easier – move them to the cloud

27. Sep 2018

No matter where you work in the technical space of software development, you are probably in a hurry to launch the application that you are currently developing.

Your customers can’t wait – accelerate development

Time is money, and when you are on the verge of launching your next killer application time is a scarce resource. Your customers won’t wait forever, and you need to launch your applications as quickly as possible if you want to succeed in the fast-paced tech market.
You might also be pushed internally to keep time to market as fast as possible.
No time to build up internal resources, educate colleagues, gather know-how. You need to be faster than the competition. IT teams have to do more and more nowadays so the pressure is on to manage them smartly.

Common Problems With Launching Applications

The road to your application launch date can be a crooked one, with a lot of turns and even dead ends. This is why it is so important to quickly test each small improvement in one or more test environments before deploying it to the end-user visible production environment. The earlier an error in the application or environment is found the quicker and less effort you need to fix it.
One of the most costly and time-consuming errors are differences between the testing and production environments. They result in the application behaving correctly during testing, but then suddenly misbehaving in production even though the same application version was deployed, and you don’t know what the differences are that lead to the problems. These problems can lead to error messages or catastrophic failures on public facing apps and long-term damage to your reputation.
Another security-focused problem is to keep testing and production environments separate from each other to prevent faulty applications under test to ruin real customer data.
Instead of synchronizing dev/test/production environments manually and duplicate this labor for each step of the process you can automate your work using best practice cloud-based tools. 

Why Should You Move Your Applications To The Cloud?

There may be many different reasons why you may be reluctant to move your application to the cloud. You may be used to the classical way of building and testing applications or fear the migration effort, or you might not have the internal know-how or resources.
However, a well-prepared DevOps team leveraging the potential of the cloud can rapidly manage the deployment of applications without a substantial increase in either manpower or long-term costs. It can make it significantly easier to scale the application later in the process and provide access to helpful auxiliary services.
Unifying the different environments using open-source Docker software container technology helps you leverage the world-wide ecosystem and experience. The more parts of the process that you can automate and integrate, the more efficiently you can build and launch your application.

Whitepaper ‘5 Steps Of Moving Your Applications Successfully To The Cloud’

Migrating to the cloud is a big business decision, so it’s vital to go in with both eyes open. Download our 5 Steps Of Moving Your Applications Successfully To The Cloud whitepaper and find out how moving to cloud can help you meet your software and application development goals.

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