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Rewriting a Python Library in Rust

20. Mar 2024

Earlier this month I presented at the Rust Zürich meetup group about how we re-implemented a critical piece of code used in our workflows. In this presentation I walked the audience through the migration of a key component of Project Syn (our Kubernetes configuration management framework) from Python to Rust.

We tackled this project to address the longer-than-15-minute CI pipeline runs we needed to roll out changes to our Kubernetes clusters. Thanks to this rewrite (and some other improvements) we’ve been able to reduce the CI pipeline runs to under 5 minutes.

The related pull request, available on GitHub, was merged 5 days ago, and includes the mandatory documentation describing its functionality.

I’m also happy to report that this talk was picked up by the popular newsletter “This Week in Rust” for its 538th edition! You can find the recording of the talk, courtesy of the Rust Zürich meetup group organizers, on YouTube.

Simon Gerber

Simon Gerber is a DevOps engineer in VSHN.

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