Swiss Future Day with Adriano

15. Nov 2019

Swiss Future Day at VSHN

Last Thursday, it was Swiss national future day, we had Adriano visiting us. Adriano had an entire day to get to know our, well, considerably challenging work environment.

Adriano’s personal resumé

“It was a very nice day at VSHN. I learned to program and it was really cool! I learned a lot of stuff on the computer. For example, about programming I did learn things I had never heard of before. I learned to manage HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I’ve seen how programmers work. It was really nice to work at VSHN. It was a beautiful Swiss Future Day.”

Adriano also learned to install virtual machines all by himself, manually from scratch and fully automated using Vagrant. You can view his day programme on the VSHN GitLab account at
We’re happy that Adriano had a good time. We also enjoyed to have YOU with us, Adriano!
We’re looking forward to next year! (Hopefully with a few more girls then, because DevOps is for girls & boys alike!)


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