VSHN Company Update 2022

It’s about time to give all of you a short update on what we at VSHN are working on and where we want to lay our focus in the coming months.
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New OpenShift 4.13 Features for APPUiO Users

We have just upgraded our APPUiO Cloud clusters from version 4.11 to version 4.13 of Red Hat OpenShift, and there are some interesting new features for our APPUiO Cloud and APPUiO Managed users we would like to share with you.
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VSHN’s Response to Zenbleed CVE-2023-20593

Yesterday evening, on Monday, July 24th, 2023, at around 21:15 CEST / 12:15 PDT, our security team received a notification about a critical security vulnerability called “Zenbleed” potentially affecting the cloud providers where VSHN’s customers systems run on.
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VSHN HackDay – Tailscale on APPUiO Cloud

As part of the fourth VSHN HackDay taking place yesterday and today (October 20th and 21st, 2022), Simon Gerber and I (Tobias Brunner) worked on the idea to get Tailscale VPN running on APPUiO Cloud.
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Serverless on Kubernetes: Knative

Back in 2019 we published a review of the most relevant serverless frameworks available for Kubernetes in 2021. We decided to return to this subject and provide an update for our readers.
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Changes in OpenShift 4.9

As part of our ongoing improvement process, we evaluate the requirements and new features of each version of Red Hat OpenShift, not only for our customers, but also for our internal use.
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The New Commodore Components Hub

We’re very happy to announce a new member of the Project Syn family: the new Commodore Components Hub. This is the new central point of reference and information for all Commodore components available in GitHub.
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