VSHN: a Pioneering Crossplane Partner

30. Jan 2024

Exciting news for our team and the Crossplane community! We’re thrilled to announce that VSHN is now one of the two official partners of Crossplane, as recognized on their community page, and the only one in EMEA.

Crossplane is an open-source project that has been transforming the way we think about cloud-native computing. It’s not just a tool; it’s a whole new approach to managing cloud resources, with a focus on infrastructure as code and Kubernetes.

Here at VSHN, we’ve been early adopters and advocates of Crossplane. Our journey with Crossplane has been incredible, filled with challenges, learning, and a lot of successes. Our team’s expertise in handling Crossplane in live environments has been acknowledged, and we’re proud to be a part of this vibrant community.

In particular, we are fond Crossplane users for our AppCat product, with which our customers can self-service themselves with databases, message brokers, and storage buckets. For one of our private customers in the telecommunications sector, we run and manage 1500 database clusters with Crossplane.

This partnership is not just a milestone for us but a testament to our commitment to the Crossplane project and the broader cloud-native ecosystem. We’re excited to continue contributing our knowledge and experience to help the Crossplane community grow.

As we embrace this new chapter, we’re looking forward to more collaborations, innovations, and of course, to help you take advantage of Crossplane for your own deployments and applications.

Tobias Brunner

Tobias Brunner is working since over 20 years in IT and more than 15 years with Internet technology. New technology has to be tried and written about.

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