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VSHN in the top 10 of the fastest growing Swiss ICT companies

3. Sep 2018

VSHN has made it into the top 10 of Switzerland’s fastest-growing ICT companies in the Computerworld Top 500 2018 edition.

With a revenue growth of 55% compared to the previous year, we came in 6th, which makes us very happy but also strengthens our strategy as a Swiss DevOps startup, to help companies and software developers with our innovative approach and our technology set such as Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift to run their applications agile and 24/7 on any infrastructure.
The rapid growth is likely to repeat itself this year – today only we are welcoming 3 new VSHNeers. 🙂

VSHN: booming DevOps startup

Computerworld Top 500 ICT Companies in Switzerland 2018

This year’s edition of the Computerworld Top 500 bears the title ‘Swiss ICT with record growth’ with record sales made by Swiss ICT companies.
Important topics this year include skills shortages, blockchain and crypto fever, how young women can be inspired for ICT professions and how the digital transformation also drives the IT providers themselves.
The Computerworld Top 500 2018 can be ordered here.

About VSHN – The DevOps Company

VSHN AG is the leading Swiss partner for DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and 24/7 Cloud Operations. VSHN helps software developers run their applications agile and 24/7 on any infrastructure while relieving the burden on IT operations.
Since 2014, we are serving more than 900 servers in 20 different clouds as well as on-premises at customer locations with a total of more than 62’000 services for 300 different customers and partners. We are ISO 27001 certified and work to the strict FINMA guidelines to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer information at all times.
With, we have created a Red Hat OpenShift based Swiss container platform, where we can offer Managed Services as a PaaS solution (Platform-as-a-Service) on any infrastructure: public, dedicated, private and on-premises.
At VSHN, we believe in openness and transparency, so we let you decide where to store your data (we call this multi-cloud strategy). Either locally in your own data center (on-premise) or at a cloud provider location of your choice. Take a look at our services and learn more about our services and how we can possibly support you. Follow us on Twitter and don’t miss any news. 

Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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