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VSHN introduces additional vacation days for each year of service

20. Dec 2021

We currently offer our VSHNeers 5 weeks of vacation (25 days) per year. That’s cool and already 5 days more than Swiss law requires (at least for VSHNeers over 20).

We all know how important it is to take a break from a stressful workday. How important it is to spend time with family and friends or just your hobby.

(By the way, VSHN already introduced 4 weeks of paternity leave back in 2018).

We want to provide all VSHNeers with the time they need to recover from work and stay healthy, while also recognizing years of service.

One additional vacation day per year of service

Each VSHNeer will be credited with one additional vacation day per work year at VSHN beginning January 2022.

Example: a VSHNeer starts on July 1, 2021 with 25 vacation days. From July 1, 2022, they receive 26 days, and so on.

This adds up to a maximum total of 35 vacation days and is calculated retroactively from the start date. Example: a VSHNeer who started on July 1, 2019, will now have 27 days of vacation instead of 25.

So all VSHNeers will receive one additional vacation day per year of service, the vacation day will be added at the date of the annual wage increase.

Practical example Sociocracy 3.0 at VSHN

By the way, this is a perfect example of how we actively live Sociocracy 3.0 at VSHN. In June 2021, the idea came up to reward long-time employees and to create an additional incentive to work for VSHN. After discussions in the responsible VSHNeers Delegate Circle, a first proposal was created, refined and now already implemented.

You can also find more information about Sociocracy 3.0 in our handbook.

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