VSHN on YouTube and Adrian's first video #VSHN.timer

27. Oct 2020

Video is the new normal, or is it?

As visual species, we humans usually find videos more memorable and “easier to consume” than any other type of content. Be it to tell stories, for explanatory or cat videos or during the pandemic to give a more personal insight behind the scenes of VSHN.
Videos are on the advance and the popularity of YouTube, TikTok and Co. is growing without limits. For example, Cisco estimates that in 2021, 80% of all traffic will be video. And YouTube now has 2 billion users.

Did you know that VSHN has a YouTube channel?

Since we always want to learn and like to try something new, we plan to publish more videos about us and our work in the future.
Join us and subscribe to our YouTube channel and look forward to cool video content from the VSHNeers. 😊

Adrian in the first video VSHN.timer

Adrian has been publishing the VSHN.timer for quite some time now collecting exciting technical news and links, which are published in text form in the weekly VSHN.timer.
And now for the first time as video. What do you think about his first try? Watch below, we think it is awesome. 😊
We are happy to hear your feedback!
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Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's CEO and one of the General Managers.

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