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24. May 2017

We’re an almost three year old technology startup ourselves and know the challenges of getting all of the stars lined up correctly to create a successful company. As we have found our business model and are growing quickly we want to recall our roots and give something back to the community.
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That’s what the VSHN Startup Boost is all about:
reaching out and helping other startups to get the boost they need to prove their ideas and succeed.

The VSHN Startup Boost is a technical mentoring program for startups in the software, technology or online areas.
Usually the CTO or Head of software engineering would be the right person to attend. You can apply for the mentoring using the form below –
typically we accept one startup per month although exceptions may occur. We’ll get in touch with you in any case.
Most startups have a clear vision about the product they want to build and the technology they want to use (and have had experience with).

  • Systems architecture for bootstrapping and the first scaling iteration
  • How to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery using free services and/or open source tools
  • How to containerize/dockerize your application, if necessary
  • How to build a local development environment with all the required containerized service dependencies
    (backends, microservices, databases, caches, etc.)
  • Compare and connect you with other (free) services for startups
    (e.g. Microsoft BizSpark, Amazon AWS, Heroku,, etc.)
  • Anything else you might struggle with In line with the DevOps philosophy we consider the optimal outcome to be you having a working
    software delivery process (build, test, deploy) up and running by the end of the mentoring session. The goal is to provide you with the
    software operations experience you need to get started, validate your product and start growing by focusing on the software development.

Half a day of free consulting with one of our senior DevOps Engineers for half a year of free usage

We’re happy to write a blogpost about your company and let you speak at one of our KickOffBreakfasts so you get some visibility in the market.
If you would like to apply for the VSHN Startup Boost or if you have any questions please get in touch with us using the form below.

Aarno Aukia

Aarno is Co-Founder of VSHN AG and provides technical enthusiasm as a Service as CTO.

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