VSHN.timer #161: The Various Evolutions of Linux

7. Nov 2022

Welcome to another VSHN.timer! Every Monday, 5 links related to Kubernetes, OpenShift, CI / CD, and DevOps; all stuff coming out of our own chat system, making us think, laugh, or simply work better.

This week we’re going to talk about the latest news around Linux, the operating system of choice for most VSHNeers.

1. Kubernetes and Linux have many things in common; both are open source, both have distributions, and both include scheduling, security, and logging facilities. For that reason, the Aurae runtime has the bold goal of replacing the notorious systemd, while also making some improvements to the core components of Kubernetes. It’s all part of the natural evolution of things.

2. Maybe you’ve heard about Wine? It’s a compatibility layer for running Windows apps on operating systems such as Linux, macOS, or BSD. But do you know how it works? Hint: it’s not a virtual machine, and it’s not an emulator. It’s quite clever actually.


3. Lots of news from the distributions front: KDE Plasma 5.26 is all about widgets; Zorin OS 16.2 brings plenty of improvements; we’ve played a bit with ravynOS (OK, OK, we know, it’s a BSD, but still, it shows it’s not dying); and we’ve discovered Wolfi, the first Linux (un)distro (that is, a distroless base to be used within containers) designed for securing the software supply chain. Looks like Alpine got some competition now.


4. What about good hardware to run your favorite Linux distribution? We’ve discovered Minifree lately, offering laptops with coreboot, osboot, or libreboot preinstalled. But we’re even more excited about the Ox64 announcement by PINE64, a sub-$10 Linux-capable single-board computer.


5. Do you want to train or improve your Linux debugging skills? Would you like to practice for your next SRE or DevOps interview? Then you should try SadServers: get a full remote Linux server with a problem and fix it. Just take your time to do it well.


Which distribution of Linux are you running on your laptop? Did you know how Wine worked? Would you like to share some Linux tips and tricks with our readers? Get in touch with us, and see you next week for another edition of VSHN.timer.

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Adrian Kosmaczewski

Adrian Kosmaczewski is in charge of Developer Relations at VSHN. He is a software developer since 1996, a trainer, and a published author. Adrian holds a Master in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool.

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