VSHN.timer #226: Kubernetes Chronicle – Unveiling the latest innovations and security solutions

29. Apr 2024

Welcome to another VSHN.timer! Every Monday, 5 links related to Kubernetes, OpenShift, CI / CD, and DevOps; all stuff coming out of our own chat system, making us think, laugh, or simply work better.

In this edition of VSHN.timer, we dive back into the ever-popular world of Kubernetes, the go-to open-source container orchestration system for seamless software deployment, scaling, and management.

  1. Excited for Kubernetes 1.30? Who isn’t! Packed with cutting-edge features to bolster security, simplify pod management, and empower developers, this release takes Kubernetes to new heights. Let’s unpack the highlights of v1.30: Uwubernetes – the cutest release so far! ♥️

  2. Next, let’s uncover seven lesser-known Kubernetes hacks that even seasoned users might miss out on. These tricks, though niche, can work wonders for those in the know:

  3. Remember the early Kubernetes days? Developers grappled with complex Dockerfiles outside the cluster, posing skill and compliance hurdles. Enter OpenShift’s BuildConfigs and Source-to-Image, revolutionizing image creation directly from source code within compliance confines. And recently, Red Hat OpenShift announced the general availability of Builds:

  4. The ecosystem’s now crafting platforms atop Kubernetes, stitching together GitOps tools, application descriptors, and infrastructure management for custom APIs. But, can we push beyond Kubernetes’ framework limitations?

  5. Ever heard of Kubescape? It’s an open-source security platform for Kubernetes, offering risk analysis, compliance checks, and misconfiguration scanning. Tailored for DevSecOps pros and platform engineers, Kubescape boasts an intuitive CLI, flexible output, and automated scanning capabilities:

What are your experiences with Kubernetes? Were you already familiar with the hacks mentioned above? And if so, do you use them? Get in touch with us, and see you next week for another edition of VSHN.timer.

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