VSHN.timer #228: Mind-Blowing Revelation: We’re Eurovision Song Contest Winners! (sort of)

13. May 2024

Last Saturday night, the Eurovision Song Contest crown was claimed by Nemo in Malmö. Congratulations! But hold on to your hats because the VSHNeers have an astonishing connection! Back in 2014, on our very first day in business, we were graced by none other than Nadja Schnetzler, who not only trained us in the ways of Kanban but also moderated our epic VSHNday in 2018. And guess what? Nadja happens to be Nemo’s mother! Talk about a cosmic connection. So in a way, we’re basking in Eurovision glory too! Oh, and did we mention that every VSHNeer who attended that inaugural training in 2014 is still proudly part of the team a decade later? Now that’s what we call a winning streak!

The song that clinched victory for Nemo at the ESC is called “The Code” and guess what? Today, our focus is squarely on this very melody, particularly on safeguarding code. Let’s dive into the rhythm of security!

  1. In this captivating video John Savill delves into the world of passkeys: what they are, why organizations and users find them irresistible, and the seamless user experience they offer. Get ready to discover the key to enhanced security and convenience!:
  2. In a world where accessing resources is akin to navigating a labyrinth, imagine being handed a key that unlocks every door. But as the realm of cloud computing evolves, so does the complexity of access management. Join this rollercoaster ride through IAM (Identity and Access Management), where the lines between access and security blur, and the quest for simplicity becomes a daunting challenge:
  3. Researchers revealed that Orange España, the second-largest mobile operator in Spain, experienced a significant outage following unauthorized access by an unknown entity. The breach occurred due to the utilization of a notably feeble password, granting entry to an account responsible for overseeing the global routing table, dictating the flow of the company’s internet traffic:
  4. Introducing Jam, the browser extension revolutionizing bug reporting with just one click. Now, effortlessly capture a real-time replay of any bug occurring on your web app and automatically include essential developer logs, slashing your bug reporting time by a staggering 20x:
  5. In today’s digital landscape, managing strong, unique passwords is crucial. Stay tuned as Techradar reviews the best password managers, assessing their ease of use, security features, compatibility, and overall value. Find the perfect solution to safeguard your online accounts

Have you ever experienced challenges managing passkeys or access permissions across various cloud services? What are your main concerns or pain points when it comes to managing identity and access management (IAM) in cloud environments? Get in touch with us, and see you next week for another edition of VSHN.timer.

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