VSHN.timer #45: The Year Of Linux On The Desktop

2. Jun 2020

Welcome to another VSHN.timer! Every Monday, 5 links related to Kubernetes, OpenShift, CI / CD, and DevOps; all stuff coming out of our own chat system, making us think, laugh, or simply work better.
This week we’re going to talk about how the Linux kernel, after powering our servers and our smartphones, might finally conquer the last frontier: the desktop.
1. You might have heard the news from the 2020 Microsoft Build conference held two weeks ago: Microsoft will enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux to run GUI Linux applications side-by-side with Windows applications. For (at least) the past 22 years the press has spoken about “the year of Linux on the desktop,” and in any case it sounds incredible that it might happen thanks to the same company that called Linux a “cancer” almost 20 years ago.
2. To a large degree, the Linux kernel powers most of the web (even more now thanks to containers and Kubernetes!) and the vast majority of all smartphones out there. It is widely trusted for its security and stability. But how is it tested? Which tools do the kernel developers use? This article on #embeddedbits provides the whole story, including links to the various tools used in the process.
3. It’s been already 10 years since one of the major earthquakes in the history of Linux: the creation of systemd. A story of politics, influence, technology, legacy, and people insulting one other online.
4. If bare metal computing is your thing, check out this list of awesome tools; we’ve found a few gems in those repositories worth playing with.
5. The tool of the week is bashtop; if top, htop and vtop are not enough, here’s another one with a nice dashboard and plenty of colors for your terminal.
Do you see yourself using Linux GUI applications in a Windows box? How do you like the “new Microsoft”? Do you have any tips you would like to share with the community? Get in touch with us through the form at the bottom of this page, and see you next week for another edition of VSHN.timer.

Adrian Kosmaczewski

Adrian Kosmaczewski is in charge of Developer Relations at VSHN. He is a software developer since 1996, a trainer, and a published author. Adrian holds a Master in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool.

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