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VSHN Top Ten Open Source Contributor in Switzerland

4. Aug 2021

Open Source is without any doubt one of the most important forces shaping the business of software in the 21st century. And Switzerland, after some hesitant first steps in the 2000’s, has now fully embraced it; many organizations are now contributing lots of code for the community, collaborating with one another, and helping shape an open future for our craft. And Open Source is undoubtedly a major factor contributing to Switzerland topping the UN innovation ranking for the past 10 years in a row.

For VSHN, Open Source is part of our culture. We release new projects and products continuously, and gladly collaborate with projects all over the country, providing pull requests, bugs reports, and feedback. We actively advocate for our customers to adopt Open Source as well; they can learn more about the Open Source advantage to their businesses in our website.

And our commitment pays off; we’ve been consistently figuring in the top ten of Swiss organizations contributing to Open Source. We are thrilled and proud to share the stage with such prestigious names as Camptocamp, CERN, Exoscale, Swisscom, the University of Bern, Zühlke and many others!

Our major contributions at this moment are:

  • Project Syn, our suite of tools to manage large numbers of Kubernetes clusters from a central location.
    • Commodore, one of the members of the Project Syn family, can be extended through components. The full component ecosystem is featured in our recently released Commodore Components Hub, including not only our own components, but also those created by third parties.
  • K8up, our Kubernetes backup operator, which recently released its version 1.0.
  • But there is more, so much more! Check out our GitHub profiles: VSHNAPPUiO, and Project Syn.

We are also contributing and sponsoring the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation, CH Open, Parldigi, and many more and we support the Swiss Open Source Study 2021.

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