VSHN Weekend 2018

25. Oct 2018

VSHN team weekend 2018 in Ticino

„VSHN says thank you! For your incredible dedication, your loyalty and the great team spirit that we can experience every day at VSHN!”

With these words, VSHN invited to a team weekend in Ticino. Almost the entire staff went on the journey to Locarno the afternoon of October 12, 2018. We took the train and passed four different lakes and meanwhile enjoyed an aperitif consisting of cold beer and a jeroboam bottle of red wine (thank you!). Arriving in Locarno we checked into our rooms in the IBIS (some even with lake view!) and shortly afterwards we enjoyed a delicious dinner on the lake promenade of Muralto. The atmosphere was exuberant and after dinner, we went further into the town of Locarno, where we found an excellent bar with a large selection of beer. However, soon the majority started to go back to the hotel, as we had to get up quite early the next morning.

On Saturday we gathered at 8.45am to conquer the rope park of Monte Tamaro. There were some very sleepy faces, many of us are not necessarily known as early birds. Bravely, they joined the exciting program anyhow. At the middle station of the mountain, we were briefed by the staff of the park, before we set off on the beautifully situated forest parcour to face our fears and overcome any fear of heights. Here it should be noted that the author of this text suffers from just this fear and did not want to join to fight it. To bridge the gap, a group of fellow sufferers walked from the middle station to the mountain station. The weather was on our side, beautiful sunshine and pleasantly warm, but however the way became quite steep towards the end, so when we arrived at the mountain restaurant, we could call our lunch well deserved. The rope park group joined shortly after us, a little bit tired but satisfied and all in one piece! After strengthening ourselves in the restaurant, the sled run run and the Flying Fox had to be tried out!

After everyone had enough of the activities, we took the gondola back to the valley and then on to Locarno. There the group dispersed, some went to the hotel to freshen up, others took advantage of the nice weather to pay a visit to the chestnut fiesta on the shores of Ascona. This feast is like a small farmer’s market along the lakeshore and of course the “Marroni” is the main attraction.

People stood in line for the freshly harvested and nice hot nuts. We settled directly on the shore for a small spontaneous picnic with chestnut and salami and enjoyed the view of the lake. To end the evening in a nice way, we went to the Grotto Broggini for dinner, where we were really well taken care of at a long table and had a lovely time (I can highly recommend the half chicken with mushroom risotto). Our CTO Aarno took the opportunity to once again thank all VSHNeers for their hard work. Nice, if you are appreciated that much as an employee!

After dinner, a few of us went back into the bar from the previous evening. It didn’t get all too late, because at some point you lost the fight against fatigue and had to go to sleep.

On Sunday, our program was limited to the tour of the Terreni alla Maggia followed by a wine tasting and the return home. The farm, with its 150 hectares, is located in the Maggia delta of Ascona and even grows rice besides grapevines, corn and wheat, keeping the record as the “most northern rice supplier in the world”. After tasting of five different wines with a small aperitif consisting of cheese, salami and bread, we were able to taste and buy the farm’s own products in their shop. The perfect time to stock up on presents for the loved ones at home!

The drive home was a bit quieter than the trip on Friday, as we were all a bit overwhelmed by the many impressions (and perhaps also by the slight lack of sleep).

Thanks VSHN for giving us the opportunity to grow even closer as a team. It was great, hopefully we will soon be able to organize such a trip again.

Michèle Leibenzeder

As Head of PeopleOperations in the Management, Michèle is responsible for the topics surrounding happy VSHNeers.

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