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VSHNs Corporate Governance 2020

16. Jul 2020

How time flies! Almost six years ago we founded VSHN. In the beginning, eight of us sat in an open-plan office. Decisions could be made quickly and easily in a team. The flip side of the coin was that due to the limited number of people, many VSHNeers had to take on several roles within the company. There was no dedicated unit to take care of the employees’ needs. Or one that drove technical developments. The same applied to marketing, and not only there. We all wore many hats at once.

In the meantime, VSHN has grown to five times its size. And many tasks – including those mentioned above – are now carried out by certain bodies. One area, however, was not affected by these changes: the leadership of VSHN. The same VSHNeers continue to sit on the management and board. While this continuity is gratifying, it was gradually recognized that change would do us good here too and that we should pass on the baton. Especially since focus and interests of some members of the management have changed and the role of management as such has moved towards a more of a coaching function. Furthermore, we want to ensure that VSHNeers who are closer to the day-to-day business can influence important decisions more directly based on their knowledge. Therefore, we have decided to change and expand the Corporate Governance of VSHN this year.

On the one hand, the role of the board will be strengthened in order to relieve the management, increase compliance and represent the owners. In addition to the strategic planning and orientation of the company, the core tasks of the board will include supervision of the management and medium- to long-term financial planning. The management will focus on the operational management of the company and the implementation of the corporate strategy, short-term financial planning and the representation of the company internally and externally.

This will result in several personnel changes in the coming months, primarily in the management of VSHN. The first switch took place at the beginning of the month. André Keller, who has been a member of the VSHN management since the beginning, has decided to devote more time to his squad and daily business and to pass on his management hat. In his place Marco Fretz joined the management on 1 July.
At this point we would like to thank André for the last almost six years in the management (and countless further VSHNeer years to come!). And we are looking forward to working closer with Marco as a member of management.

André and Marco explain in the following blog post in detail what this change means for them.


As the next step, Markus Speth joins the management of VSHN on October 1st, 2020.

VSHN appoints new Co-CEOs and Members of the Management.

Patrick Mathers

Patrick is Founder and Member of the Board of VSHN.

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