Welcome Delia!

8. May 2020

Hi, I’m Delia.
I finished my Bachelor degree in Industrial Automation at the FHNW in September and then went off for half a year to explore some parts of Asia. During my studies I worked part-time as a software developer. Now VSHN gives me the opportunity to see another side of IT and I am excited to join the Polaris squad as a to-be-DevOps Engineer.
I met some VSHNeers at the VISKAS, a big grill-party at the Katzensee organised by Computer Science students from the ETH, and decided, after reading the website, that it would be interesting and fun to work with all of you. Up till now I saw a lot of VSHN’s social side and I am looking forward to learning all about the technical side. IT should make life easier and VSHN is doing exactly that, even if you may get in doubt when solving a problem till 3am. But that is one of the reasons we like being engineers, right?
In my free time I love to dance, especially Lindy Hop. If I have time I do little projects like the aquaponic test system in my yard or build stuff for my six rabbits. My next project is to automate as much of my house and yard as possible.

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