Welcome Michel

17. Mar 2020

Hi, I’m Michel Rios
What did you do for a living before joining VSHN?
The last few years I worked as a VoIP Supporter and lately as Technical Service Engineer, primarily troubleshooting VoIP related issues of customers and assisting customers in setting up VoIP solutions. Also I was able to work on projects and expanded my knowledge in this field.
What does VSHN mean for you?
I got excited when VSHN  hired me, due to the possibilities I saw to evolve in IT and working with great and interesting people.
What will be your job at VSHN?
I am really looking forward to work as a DevOps Engineer in the Polaris squad.
What goals do you have at VSHN?
My goals are to grow as a person, gather more knowledge and new experiences, as also to set a foot in the DevOps world.
How do you spend your spare time?
If I’m not sitting at the computer I spend my time with traveling, listening and producing music, collecting records, playing basketball and practicing martial arts.
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Markus Speth

Markus is VSHN's Co-CEO and a member of the management.

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